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There is one thing all of us at SACBELLE can agree upon. We are dedicated to relishing in the luxury and beauty of CHANEL handbags. Divine designs and superb master craftsmanship are intrinsic to each CHANEL handbag.

Sacbelle was formerly a discount bag outlet that offered illegal items such as the fake Chanel ligne cambon tote bags (list price $949.00, discount price $599.00).

Replica Chanel bags are not luxury handbags, often being cheap in price and very low in quality. Replicas are often extremely poorly constructed with inferior materials by a profiteering factories overseas. Knockoff bags will not begin to approach the merits of the authentic.

Although the fake bags use designs and logos resembling the original CC logo, they are not associated with CHANEL in the least.

Join us in rebuking discount outlets selling fakes and refusing fakes by shopping only for authentic handbags at the CHANEL boutiques.

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